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All the coverage of the British Open live stream will be aired in the US via NBC and the golf channel. NBC is a local network but its offered in a variety of streaming services. Either with a streaming service or with cable, golf is available across the nation. The British Open can be watched on many devices provided they can connect to the internet and are compatible with the streaming apps as well as the websites.

Watch British Open live

Here we focus on several devices where you can watch the British Open without cable and also if you have a digital antenna you can get live coverage of the British Open if you live in the rural areas.

A good antenna will allow you to watch broadcast networks with NBC broadcast of British Open included. Hook up an antenna to the TV tuner and turn to the local NBC for watching live coverage of the championship. Moreover, if you want to use the antenna on the mobile phone, streaming device or a tablet just consider purchasing an over the air streaming box.

The prettiness of the world today is that we no longer depend on traditional cables to access the British Open live stream. You can opt for the many online streaming services freeing yourself from those confines and taking TV watching to a variety of other devices and as well when you are far from home.

The Open app will feature a leader board with updated information on scores and content from the course exclusively. It’s available for tablets and mobile phones. There exist six main streaming service providers that allow you to enjoy all the four rounds via live streaming using android, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, IOS, Apple TV and also the web. What you need is a strong internet connection and a smart device then boom! You’re good to go. Happy streaming!

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