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Do you know Rory Mcllroy? If you have been following the PGA tours, then this should be an ordinary name. He is the defending champion in this coming player’s championship and he is one of the promoters of the championship.

Rory McIlroy returns to TPC Sawgrass first time

Last week, Rory McIlroy visited the TPC sawgrass to meet with sponsors for the promotional NBC video which was to reflect on the successful 2019 campaign. All the set was for the coming player’s championship.

On Wednesday, it was a return to TPC Sawgrass, a 17th hole golf course for the first time since he went past everyone to win the title in the 2019 player’s championship.

The promotional NBC video filming went as simple as Mcllroy and TV personality Carson Daly hitting the shots at no 17 into the chilly night air. There was no pressure at all when the defending champion appeared on what was regarded as the” evening with the champion,” unlike what it should have been on an actual tournament.

It started when he stood close to the iconic hole which decided his 15th PGA tour title, after a skillful two-putt from 32 feet for par. From the point, he then met with the media and gave a weather forecast which was combined with his emotions.

In the filming, Rory Mcllroy affirmed the TPC sawgrass championship as an iconic golf tournament among other iconic golf tournaments which he grew app being a fan and anxious of one day to play in it.

For us, we will wait and see if it is another great opportunity for him to add something to his achievements. Here you can as well find some options through which you can watch the players championship 2020 live stream and watch Rory defend the title.

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